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Various Ways to Use the Hijab of the Simple Display Quadrilateral

Various Ways to Use the Hijab of the Simple Display Quadrilateral

Hijab is a wide veil worn by Muslim women to cover their heads and neck to chest. 

With the increasing number of Muslim women who are aware of covering genitals, it is certainly not surprising that the way to wear headscarves today is increasingly varied.

Generally the type of cloth used to cover hair is a square veil, scarf, or scarf which is sometimes also called pashmina

How to use these hijabs is very diverse. From simple to glamorous.

Do you want to learn ways to wear modern hijab? Below we have some step by step tutorials that you can see.

How to wear a Simple and Fashionable Rectangular Headscarf for a Round Face

Some women prefer instant hijab because the rectangular headscarves created make their faces look more rounded.

For those of you who have a round face, there are several tricks to make the face look more tapered. 

Choose a veil with a thin cloth and flowing, then advance the veil to cover the cheek half. 

Most important to remember, choose a hijab that is not too heavy at the top.

Especially for you, here we show you a tutorial on how to wear an embroidered veil for round faces.

How to Wear a Hijab veil:

  1. Use a rectangular hood on the head. Former use ciput or inner hijab first. Make sure the front is longer than the left. The left side is quite along the upper chest.
  2. Fold the hijab paris into a triangular shape, wear as usual wearing a hijab, make sure both ends of the hijab are of the same size.
  3. Pull both ends of the hijab, then pull it back and tie it with the two ends again placed in the front shoulder.
  4. Give the pin in the right and left cheeks.
  5. Open the width of the tip of the right hijab, then place it in the head by forming a sagging pattern and pinching the pin needle at the end.
  6. Do the same thing at the end of the hijab on the left, cross it with the previous hijab then give it a pin.
  7. While for the back end, pull it forward and neat leave it on the front left side.

How to Use Rectangular Hijab to Go to The Office

  1. Use ninja ciput first
  2. Position the hijab in rectangular conditions, do not make triangles.
  3. After that, place it in the head section, position the left side shorter than the right or can also be behind.
  4. The more prominent headscarf is pulled up above the head and wrapped around the head, then place it on the right top. pin it with a pin.
  5. The back is still dangling, pulled and placed forward on the head so that it forms a layered pattern and make sure both ends are the same size.
  6. Give the needle on both sides to keep the hijab's power from being released.
  7. Tie the two ends inside, then cover with the ends dangling in front.

How to Use a Rectangular Hijab for Women with Glasses

Regarding fashion, those with glasses, especially women, can also look charming and beautiful despite wearing glasses. 

Appearing polite and neat with hijab did not become an obstacle for those who felt disturbed by glasses.

The following is a tutorial on the use of rectangular hijab for women with glasses.
  1. Use ninja wraps first and put on your glasses.
  2. Take the Paris headscarf then fold it into a triangle. Place it on the head with the right side shorter than the left.
  3. Take the pinched needle at the edge near the left ear.
  4. The long section or the left side is brought to the back of the neck and rotate it on the right shoulder.
  5. Then take the end of the long section brought back to the left shoulder through the front of the chest.
  6. The center does not need to be too close to the neck. The end is pinned a needle behind the neck so that it's not easily separated.
  7. The short side is brought to the end by bending to the back of the head. Take a needle and pin it to your ciput. Make sure that the needle is strong because it will easily detach if you move a lot.

End Text

That was a number of ways to use a simple rectangular hijab that we have given, hopefully this tutorial can add to your reference in creating with the hijab you have. 

Just follow step by step and do it carefully. Good luck.

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