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How to use Turkish-style Hijabs easy and Simply

There are various ways to wear a veil in rectangular fashionable creations.

Some are inspired by things around them, some are suddenly inspired when daydreaming or imitating one of the hijab models from other people. For the last point there are a lot.

Turkish style Hijabs

Many people from various regions and countries are used as role models in hijab. One of them is Turkey.

Hijab Simple

At the same time, this hijab style can leave a distinctive impression on its users. Simplel and grace are the right words if we want to describe what the Turkish headscarf looks like.

Do you want to know about what creations are wearing Turkish-style rectangular headgear? Read the reviews below.
  1. The way to wear the hijab in the form of the latest Turkish-style creations is quite easy. You only need to provide the hijab that you want to use, then fold the hijab to form a triangle. Wear the rectangular hijab as usual.
  2. The way to wear a veil in the latest quadrilateral creations is a bit different from the trend in Amerika. If most people wrap the headscarf around the head, then this one hijab model is wrapped around the neck area like a scarf.
  3. Arrange the coil using ornamental pin, pin, needle or brooch.
  4. The final step is to pin the part of the veil that is not wrapped around, to the area opposite the headscarf. You can add a brooch to the pin so that it adds a sweet and elegant impression to your appearance. But of course this depends on what brooch is used and its harmony with the chosen hijab color.


This is one of the many hijabs made by Turks, simple but capable of changing our appearance. Small decoration brooches on the neck can also produce different shades of your style.

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