How To Wear Hijab a Pashmina Selebgram Ashryrrabani from Instagram

Bos HJN - The current model of the hijab has been extremely varied, ranging from a square hijabs, turban, layering, and much more.

The wearing of a hijab ever model tailored to the tastes of each per person. One of the many models of hijab worn by women is pashimina, because his model the rectangle so that it is easier to pashmina.

Hijab Pashmina

This time we will discuss about hijab pashmina selebgram from Indonesia, Ashry Rizqky Rabani.This time we will discuss about hijab pashmina selebgram from Indonesia, Ashry Rizqky Rabani.

Himself would give the tutorials pashmina to cover the chest. Well, that needs to be prepared is pashmina, you can choose the hijab ranging from plain to patterned.

Then, prepare a hijab or ninja, as well as a couple of pins and needles pentul. Whereas, in order to direct the next steps below refer to this.

How to Use It:

Step 1.
First, wear hijab or ninja, then wear a hijab pashmina with one of the longer sections namely the right.

Step 2.
Pin safety pins or needles pentul at the Chin.

Step 3.
Take the left part of the hijab pin pins behind the head, and then followed with a right-side effect of longer and PIN pins near the right ear.

Step 4.
Tidy up back hijabs

Step 5.
Lastly as a decoration you can wear brooches in sideways on the right. If you are still confused with the steps above, don't worry! You can view the here video from Ashry Rizky Rabani.

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